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About OptioRx

OptioRx is a premier national compounding pharmacy that focuses on providing best-in-class patient care. Their focused therapies include compounding custom medications for humans and animals, fertility, and home infusion care. OptioRx, through its innovative care model and 18 locations, services patients nationally, giving patients the option of receiving prescriptions and patient care face-to-face or at-home delivery.
Committed to creating and providing patients with the highest quality of care nationwide.
We are dedicated to being a trusted and reliable partner for our patients and healthcare providers and a steadfast care advocate for all we serve.

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OptioRx’s Mission

Our Mission is to create and provide the highest quality of customized compounded medications in a broad range of therapies for patients nationwide. Our specialized services meet the unique needs of patients, pet/animal parents, and providers. We are committed to being a trusted and reliable resource for patients and providers and are dedicated to being a steadfast advocate for the health and well-being of all those we serve.

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OptioRx’s Belief and Commitment

OptioRx is dedicated and focused on providing the highest level of care and support to patients and their families. We accomplish this with a steadfast commitment to compounding medication that ensures well-being and improves the quality of care. To deliver this commitment, we partner with medical providers in a continuous effort to improve, innovate, and adapt to changing patient needs and expectations. Using the highest quality ingredients, our expert clinical and compounding staff create personalized therapies, allowing us to provide desired clinical outcomes.

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One size does not fit all when it comes to patient care.

Technology provides convenience, speed to therapy, privacy, and access to ordinarily available treatments.

Consistency and quality of product leads to better patient outcomes.

HUB and Spoke

Consistent patient experience is very important to OptioRx, which is why we have designed The HUB. All prescriptions arrive in The HUB, the central processing center. The same group of technicians processes all orders; they get to know you and your needs. This team is your main point of contact, allowing you to build relationships with those involved in your care and therapy. If you are near one of our brick-and-mortar locations, you can set up a prescription pick-up, but why wait in line? We will ship direct to you.

From an operations perspective, we are investing time, staff, and dollars into creating an environment where you can always expect a high-quality product made with speed to therapy in mind for you.


Pharmacy Locations

We have locations across the United States, so you're never far from our amazing pharmacies. Find a pharmacy in California, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Florida or stay at home and let us ship directly to you.


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